You've spent the time, money and energy to obtain a judgment ordering your debtor to pay. Suddenly, your debtor moves to California. What now?

Judgments issued by out-of-state courts — called "sister-state judgments" — can be enforced in California as if they were issued by a California court. However, before enforcing a sister-state judgment, it must be recognized, or domesticated, by the state of California.

At the Law Office of Bryan M. Grundon, we take all necessary steps to have your judgment recognized and begin collection actions. Located in San Diego, our firm helps individuals and businesses throughout the region enforce out-of-state judgments and collect the money they are owed.

Collect Your Out-Of-State Debt In California

Enforcing your out-of-state judgment is a two-step process:

First: Domesticating your judgment

Attorney Bryan Grundon will file an application at the Superior Court to have the judgment recognized. The application includes a statement regarding the amount of the unpaid debt and any interest, an authenticated copy of the sister-state judgment and identifying information about the debtor.

The court clerk will then issue a judgment for the amount of the debt, plus interest and the costs associated with having the domestication.

We then serve the sister-state judgment on your debtor. The debtor has 30 days to contest the domestication. After the 30-day period is over, we can begin the involuntary collection process.

Second: Collecting your debt

Our firm is skilled in debt collection. Mr. Grundon will analyze your debtor and the debt you are owed, then develop a collection plan that gets you the money you are owed in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Types of collection actions used include:

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