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What We Do

California Judgement Enforcement


When a court awards a judgment, the journey has only just begun. A successful judgment is not truly complete until it translates into tangible payment. That’s where post-judgment representation becomes indispensable. At the Law Office of Bryan M. Grundon, we specialize in post-judgment enforcement in San Diego and throughout California. With our expertise in this complex area of law, we help major financial institutions, businesses of all sizes, and individuals turn their judgments into actual recoveries.

Why choose a collection attorney?

A collection attorney possesses a unique set of skills and expertise that sets them apart in the legal field. What makes a collection attorney special such as Bryan Grundon is his in-depth knowledge of debt collection laws, regulations, and strategies. A collection attorney has the ability to analyze and evaluate debtors’ financial situations, develop tailored strategies for successful recovery, and effectively communicate with both clients and debtors. Attorney Bryan Grundon is a skilled negotiator, proficient in handling settlement discussions, and has a deep understanding of the legal remedies available to enforce judgments. With his tenacity, attention to detail, and dedication to achieving favorable outcomes, collection attorney Bryan Grundon is an invaluable ally for individuals and businesses seeking to recover their debts and protect their financial interests.

Unleashing over a decade of experience, our well-organized collection operation is dedicated to finding efficient and effective solutions for our clients. We understand that every collection matter is unique, requiring tailored resources to achieve optimal results. Our comprehensive post-judgment collection strategies include:

  • Turnover orders: Unlocking hidden assets to satisfy the judgment.
  • Wage garnishments: Intercepting a portion of the debtor’s wages to ensure payment.
  • Liens: Securing the debtor’s property to enforce the judgment.
  • Bank levies: Freezing and seizing funds in the debtor’s bank accounts.
  • Keeper levies: Monitoring the debtor’s business operations to collect payment.
  • Assignment orders: Redirecting the debtor’s accounts receivable to satisfy the judgment.
  • Till Taps: Extracting funds directly from the debtor’s cash register or cash drawer.

In addition, we possess expertise in enforcing sister state judgments and family law orders, ensuring the reach of our services extends beyond traditional boundaries.

Take control of your judgment enforcement today. Schedule a consultation with our experienced collections lawyer by calling 858-705-0346 or emailing