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By Law Office of Bryan M. Grundon of Law Office of Bryan M. Grundon posted on Monday, May 26, 2014.

Memorial Day is a great opportunity to reflect on the amazing country we live in and to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our country.  Briefly, I thought about writing about two famous American heroes: Pat Tillman and Jerry Coleman.  Col. Jerry Coleman was the longtime radio voice of the San Diego Padres.  On top of being a phenomenal baseball player (American League Rookie of the Year and World Series MVP).  He was a fighter pilot in World War II and the Korean War. He was the only major league baseball player to see combat in both wars.  If you have a moment, check out this story on Jerry Coleman.  

Pat Tillman was a very successful NFL Football player with the Arizona Cardinals.  After 9/11 he gave up a lucrative NFL contract to become an Army Ranger.  He was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan a few years later.  Read more about Tillman and his foundation here: Pat Tillman Foundation.  Both men are great examples of true American Heroes.   

I think it is more important to honor one that you likely have never heard of because he was never famous. He is still just as much as an American hero as the other two.  His name is Kris Domeij and he was killed in Afghanistan in 2011 on his 14th combat deployment. Domeij killed in combat.  Kris and I went to the same high school. I was a few years older; while he was in high school I was in college.  During college I returned home to help out the football program during spring practice and lift weights with the team which Kris was a member.  Kris and I usually work out at the same time.  I didnt know him well but I spent a lot of time with him over those few summers.  He was very funny and hard worker.  He had the perfect temperament for an offensive lineman.  

After his death I’ve read a lot about what an amazing soldier he was.  In fact, the army has dedicated a building in his honor. Army Dedicates a building to Domeij.  I never had the chance to tell Kris thank you for all he did for our country and I’ve never met his wife and daughters.  Today I’m thinking about him and his family and the ultimate sacrifice he made for our country. 

Thank you, Kris, for all you did for us.