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Keeper Levies

Collect Money Directly From Your Creditor's Customers

The court ruled you are owed a debt. That should be the end, right? Unfortunately, it’s only the beginning. Collecting debts — even those a court has ruled are owed to you — is hard.

At the Law Office of Bryan M. Grundon, we make it easier. From our office in San Diego, California, attorney Bryan Grundon diligently pursues debt on his clients’ behalves. If your debtor is a business, we will install a keeper and direct all business proceeds to you.


If a business owes you money, you can install a “keeper” on the premises to collect its proceeds. Instead of paying the business, customers pay the keeper, who then turns over the proceeds to you — the creditor — to satisfy the debt you are owed.

A “keeper” is a sheriff. He or she will enter the business and remain on the business premises, collecting proceeds until your debt is paid in full.

This is an extremely effective way to collect debt. Not only are you directly intercepting the business’s proceeds, it also puts pressure on the business owner to pay the debt as quickly as possible.

Our firm has used a keeper levies to enforce judgment from running businesses. Read more about a specific keeper levy.


You are owed a debt; it’s time you collect. Don’t wait another day. Call our law office at 858-705-0346 or contact our lawyer online.

This law firm is a debt collector. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.