Welcome to our  Post Judgment Collection blog! For my first post I thought I'd tell a story about using one of the many tools a collection attorney has to enforce a judgment. 

Early in my career I obtained a judgment for client against a restaurant and bar in La Jolla. I had heard of a keeper levy but I had never done one or seen it happen before. A keeper levy is a type of levy where the judgment creditor instructs the sheriff to go to a running business and take all of the money from the business for a set period of time. This is often confused with a till tap. A till tap is similar in that the Sheriff comes and empties the cash register but does not stay to continue to collect like a keeper. While the keeper is installed the debtor cannot take credit or debit card. I prepared the Sheriff's instructions so that they would install the keeper on a Friday afternoon so I could go to the bar while the keeper was installed and in place.  

I left my office and headed down to La Jolla. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw the Sheriff's deputies go into the bar to install the keeper.  I watched as the deputies went behind the counter and began to discuss the matter with the establishment's employees.