At the Law Office of Bryan M. Grundon, we have over a decade of experience focusing on collection matters. From our San Diego law office, we represent clients throughout California. We are available to provide personalized service and efficient results in post-judgment collection for individuals, small businesses and corporate clients.

Wage Garnishments And Bank Levies

As an experienced San Diego wage garnishment attorney, Bryan Grundon has in-depth knowledge of the timing and procedures for garnishments, liens and levies.

  • Wage garnishment — We will garnish your debtor's wages, taking money directly from his/her paycheck until the debt is satisfied.
  • Liens — We will place liens on all of your debtor's property, including personal assets, real estate and any contractual rights to payments. If the properties are sold, or payments made, we will collect the proceeds.
  • Levies — We can levy, or sell, property and foreclose on real estate and keep the proceeds, as well as invade your debtor's bank account.

Attorney Grundon has a range of options for collecting on behalf of our clients. Backed by over a decade of experience focused on collections work, our law firm can find efficient, effective results in a range of collections matters.

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